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About Us

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About Us

Tempus Arte GmbH & Co. KG was founded on April 4, 2013 in Munich. It includes companies in the watch industry that develop, manufacture and produce outstanding timepieces, movements and individual watch parts at the highest level.


The group currently includes the watch manufacturer Lang & Heyne from Dresden, the Uhren-Werke-Dresden (UWD), STOWA watches from Pforzheim and a financial stake in BLAKEN from Menden.

The company is privately owned by the Rohde family, allowing it to maintain complete autonomy. This enables Tempus Arte GmbH & Co. KG to determine its own entrepreneurial development and pursue long-term goals, ensuring continuity and building trust.  

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Our Brands

Lang & Heyne  Founded in 2001 and based in Radeberg near Dresden, has long been the epitome of unique mechanical timepieces among watch lovers. The focus is always on the watch with its extraordinary movements. The attention to detail combined with the demand for perfection and creating as much as possible with one's own hands finds admirers all over the world. This, of course, in the best technical and artistic execution. From the first vision and planning to the finished work of art, specialists from a wide variety of areas work on the exclusive timepieces. They are BORN IN SAXONY.


STOWA  Since the company was founded by Walter Storz in 1927, STOWA watch models from the Black Forest have been a source of fascination worldwide. Aviation and Bauhaus watch models that have become classics have made a lasting contribution to the company's success. In keeping with the company claim "Time is valuable", STOWA is aware of the demands and importance of its own work. Perfectly designed, competently implemented and with honest commitment, STOWA offers a service that goes far beyond the actual sale. The extremely high quality and excellent price-performance ratio represent the great added value that is appreciated by customers internationally. Professional customization even transforms the dream watch into a truly unique piece.  STOWA is a pioneer in the online trade of high-quality watches through direct sales and can now look back on a history spanning more than 95 years.

BLAKEN  Is the number one service company worldwide when it comes to customizing and personalizing luxury watches. At the customer's request, the models of exclusive brands are subjected to an optical transformation process by experienced specialists. The results are unique pieces that bear the personal signature of their owners. 


Uhren-Werke-Dresden Inspired by the positive developments on the market for high-quality mechanical watches, UWD was founded in early 2013. "Made in Germany" is the quality promise of UWD, which, with its in-house development, design, manufacture of components, finish and assembly, achieves a vertical integration of over 95% of its watch movements.

EXPERIENCE CENTER We opened the doors of the Tempus Arte Experience Center to our customers, friends of the company and anyone who is interested in watches. A place to discover our brands, to conduct exciting, personal conversations and to perceive a competent service for your “Leinfelder-Uhren München” watch.
As information, we returned the Leinfelder watch brand rights to Goldschmiede E. Leinfelder on July 1st, 2022. Ongoing projects and competences of "Leinfelder-Uhren München" will be taken over and continued within the other brands of the group.

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The Tempus Arte Group is committed to the strictest quality criteria "Made in Germany". It lives up to this claim by continuously striving for absolute precision, the highest quality, leading innovation, perfect craftsmanship, aesthetics and delivery reliability.

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